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     About Los Angeles County


    Los Angeles County is where dreams are made. It is the capital of cool – think edgy restaurants and theater productions filled with trendy-looking young things. Known by the acronym LA, this city comes second only to New York in terms of population. It is widely recognized as the base of the American entertainment industry.

    When you stay in a Los Angeles County vacation rental without a booking fee, you will have the feeling that anything could happen. Visitors will find a thriving culinary scene, incredible shopping, outstanding museums, and fun family attractions.

    Sunseekers coming to enjoy the warm climate and beaches will find plenty of things to do and interesting neighborhoods to explore. If you are looking for a vacation destination where you can choose from beautiful beaches, celebrity-studded parties, and scenic hikes, you have stumbled onto the right spot. When you book one of our Los Angeles County vacation rentals like (Villa, Cabin, Condo, Cottage, or an Apartment) you will find plenty of entertainment and excitement at your fingertips. No booking fee vacation rentals in Los Angeles County satisfies all your needs and desires. It offers the epitome of a luxury vacation to travelers seeking the glitz and glamor associated with this world-famous California destination. 


    Must-Visit Places


    Hollywood is the birthplace of the American film industry, its name eliciting images of wealth and fame. It is filled with attractions that celebrate the entertainment industry. 

    Most tourists come to Hollywood to experience the glamour and excitement of Tinseltown while keeping a hopeful eye open for celebrity sightings, but you will also find a variety of natural and cultural attractions and things to do, including hiking, horseback riding, and museums. No trip to Los Angeles is complete without a visit to Hollywood, the home of movie studios.


    Malibu is like the super-duper ridiculously good-looking laid-back cousin of the busy version of Los Angeles. Malibu is Southern California's most famous beach playground. No matter what experience you choose, there is one thing that Malibu almost always offers along with your visit – a sunny day with magnificent scenery.  Our vacation rentals by owners in Los Angeles County mean you do not have to share your vacation with a crowded hotel full of guests—you actually get to enjoy your own private apartment or home.

    West Hollywood

    It is a highly walkable city with a great live music scene. West Hollywood has been dubbed “The Creative City,” and for good reason. 

    The other dominant scene in West Hollywood designs. From interiors to fashion to fine art, this is the place to find it. Without a doubt, West Hollywood is a superb home base for all your LA explorations.

    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capital of the world, and for good reason. Los Angeles is known for many things: the entertainment industry, expansive beaches, a great culinary scene, and a renowned nightlife. This destination boasts a wealth of natural attractions and outdoor activities. On any given day, you can swim in the sea, hike up a mountain, see someone famous and shop until you drop. So, as you think about packing for the ultimate LA adventure, make sure your suitcase is filled with swimming suits, hiking boots, and plenty of space for souvenirs.

    Santa Monica

    Tourists visiting the Los Angeles region will find Santa Monica as one of the best-situated locations to base their trip. The city offers a variety of attractions, so you'll never be left to wonder what to do in Santa Monica. Your itinerary can be as complex or as simple as you wish—fill your days with museum-hopping and world-class shopping or relax on the beach and watch the world go by.


    Major attractions in Los Angeles County

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    Universal Studios Theme Park is known for its mind-blowing rides based on blockbuster movies, but it is also a working movie studio and an attraction everyone can enjoy. The highlight for most people is the ever-changing selection of rides, which range from simulators to rollercoasters. When you are tired of the rides, you can check out CityWalk, a three-block entertainment area, with shopping, dining, and theaters.

    Disneyland resort

    Just outside Los Angeles, Disneyland is California's premier family vacation destination. Disneyland Park, with rides and experiences in elaborately created theme sets, is what most people picture when they imagine Disneyland. 

    Beyond the rides and Disney characters wandering the streets, the no booking fee vacation rentals also offer a full complement of features and services for a complete vacation. Restaurants, shopping, and all kinds of entertainment options are available at Disneyland Resort. By booking Los Angeles County vacation rentals you can have easy access to all these entertainments. 

    The Getty center

    The Getty Center, designed by Richard Meier, is a huge complex. The unique building and beautiful grounds provide the perfect setting for impressive museums. Collections include European paintings, drawings, sculpture, and decorative arts, as well as 19th- and 20th-century photography. History buffs can get a lot to explore. 

    Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is a unique destination with a population that ranges from surfers, skateboarders, and yoga devotees to techies and business people. The beautiful stretch of golden sand along the coast and the famous Santa Monica Pier, with its iconic Ferris wheel, are what most tourists come to enjoy. Shoppers will find a range of options, from quirky and vintage stores to high-end boutiques. 

    Museums to visit

    There is a wide range of museums that you can visit during your vacations. Natural History Museum as numerous galleries and an extensive permanent collection of dinosaur’s skeletons, including a series of Tyrannosaurus rex fossils, known as the growth series, featuring three full skeletons that range from baby to adult. 

    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art lays claim to being the largest art museum in the western United States, with almost 130,000 pieces spanning from antiquity through to modern times.  Go along with your kids to make understand the ancient preserves.


    Gorgeous beaches

    Manhattan Beach

    In Manhattan Beach, sand is the only thing between the surf and luxurious oceanfront homes. A paved walkway between the two provides an easy oceanfront route for pedestrians and bicyclists to check out the beach scene.

    Many people's favorite Manhattan Beach pleasure is a simple one. You can walk for miles in either direction or never run out of things to see.

    Venice Beach

    One of the most popular beaches of Los Angeles, Venice Beach is a highly popular attraction for local and international tourists alike. The beach is the perfect location for enjoying the sun, sand, and sea all year around. The zone also houses plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants.

    Apart from swimming and surfing, you can rent a bike to ride between Venice Beach and the nearby Santa Monica.

    Santa Monica

    Santa Monica is one of the most iconic and scenic beaches of Los Angeles, and it not only offers visitors spectacular views but a plethora of recreational facilities. Any day is a carnival day at Santa Monica Beach. Santa Monica beach is known for its 3-mile-long sandy shoreline and is perfect for runners and walkers. While surfing, swimming, and paddle-boarding are some of the most popular water activities here, beach volleyball is a tradition.

    Redondo beach

    One of the three beach cities in the south bay of Southern California, Redondo Beach can be distinguished from the others of its kind because of its unique horseshoe-shaped pier. Redondo Beach is the best suitable location for expert surfers. Don’t miss the chance to visit this exotic place.

    Hermosa beach

    Made popular for its lively bar scene and white, sandy beaches. The beach waters are famous for water excursions and adventures as well as beach volleyball. Hermosa offers restrooms, showers, lessons, lifeguards, wheelchair facilities, and restaurants as some of the necessary facilities to its visitors.

    EL matador state beach

    El Matador is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque beaches in Los Angeles. The clifftop gives you a beguiling view of the surroundings and is perhaps one of the best spots to capture the scenery around you. The neighboring kelp forest, the deep blue sea, and the rare sight of migrating whales are all you need for that perfect L.A. holiday album.


    Amusements for kids

    The Kidspace Children's Museum is one of the top destinations for LA kiddos. Do not miss the outdoor Arroyo Adventure area, where children can learn about ecosystems by climbing a giant hawk's nest, building dams, and exploring a mud kitchen. Kids can take an excavator tour of the Tar Briar & pits museum to see what the scientists are digging up, then head into the museum for exhibits on the Ice Age or a 3D film showing how animals become trapped in tar.

    If you have kids who love old-timey transit, it does not get any better than Angels Flight—a tiny railway that climbs up and down Bunker Hill in Downtown Los Angeles.


    Iconic Dishes

    It would be a sin to come to Los Angeles without trying a juicy cheeseburger and fries from the state’s cult burger chain, In-N-Out Burger. Hot dogs are a North American staple, another famous dish of this place. LA has taken the humble hot dog to a whole new level, with fast food joints throughout the city each offering their unique and tasty version of the American classic. There are some other famous dishes like French Dip Sandwich, Chicken, and waffles, Fresh strawberry donut, etc., that you must enjoy and can calm down the cravings as well.


    Festivals and Events

    Los Angeles is well known for the number of events organized year around. The Golden Globe Awards marks the beginning of the all-important awards season in Los Angeles, featuring prestigious awards for the entertainment industry. 

    The ASICS LA Marathon features runners from more than 50 countries and is completed by more than 20,000 participants each year. The annual NoHo Theatre & Arts Festival is one of the largest and longest-running theatre & arts celebrations in Southern California, featuring live theatre, music, fine arts, dance, crafts, and food from around the world. The NoHo Theatre & Arts Festival is a unique arts and culture event for the entire family. There are so many other festivals you can be a part of. So, what to wait for, book one of the Los Angeles vacation rentals from www.RentByHost.Com.



    Los Angeles County is well known for its nightclubs and bars. Four of L.A.’s hippest neighborhoods—Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Downtown, and Hollywood—are clustered together in central Los Angeles. Hang out in any of these areas to experience the hippest nightclubs and bars.  Enjoy a movie along with your family or friends in the downtown area. You can also chase Walt Disney Concert Hall for classical performance by the Los Angeles Philharmonic. The Silver Lake area is hipster central; play pinball at Pins and Needles, sway to indie rock at The Echo or The Satellite, or just relax with the locals at popular Bigfoot Lodge or Red Lion Tavern. Here you can make out more of your vacation.



    This vacation is yours to enjoy, so carve out some space for yourself by booking your vacation rentals in Los Angeles County on Rent By Host. Search for a property that suits your needs, pick your dates, and see the rates. If it is to your liking, make a secure booking through our site. We facilitate easy communication with property owners and can help you get in touch to make special arrangements. All you have to do is pack your bags and turn up to Los Angeles, ready to paint the town. We also offer 15-20% off on booking fee or service fee in comparison to others. Don’t miss the chance to book from here. Happy Bookings!!

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