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    Colorado - An Excursion Tour

    Colorado, a perfect destination for having a charismatic view and unforgettable experience all year round. Colorado encompasses vineyards, canyons, rugged natural trails, and dynamic scenic tours , makes it a perfect spot for recreation and enjoyment. You will admire the giant sand dunes and soothing waterfalls as well. Besides all these, you will be availed of various vacation rentals ideas in Colorado. You will definitely have an unforgettable experience visiting here. So, what to wait for? Pen down all the places you would be going to explore along with a cozy home to stay, for that book a luxurious cabin, condo, cottage or villa of your choice with all amenities. 

    Prominent Places to Visit


    Denver is the capital of the state and obviously a top destination that draws a huge number of visitors. You can have a wonderful time enjoying various outdoor activities as biking over Greenway Trails and skiing at the Rocky Mountains. Your kids would love to visit Denver Zoo. You can visit several art museums, including the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

    Marvellous Eateries makes Denver a foodie destination which will allure a large number of visitors to it.

    Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs, located in the Rocky Mountains, famous for its crowded areas, national landmarks and for many outdoor activities. You can engage yourself in some of the exotic activities like Cycling, hiking, and rafting at famous parks and trails. You will be amazed by the scenic view of this place surrounded by forests all over, making it one of the most famous natural attractions. Vacation rentals without booking fee would be the perfect option for having a memorable experience here.


    Breckenridge brings plenty of opportunities to connect with your favourite people. There is a number of sites where you can walk with your partner hand in hand along with the soothing experience of cascading snowfall. Here you will get a chance to know about the town’s history through a visit to  Breckenridge Heritage Alliance.

    Glenwood Springs

    Glenwood Springs, a full package of all the specialities required for a memorable Colorado vacation. You’ll find a thrilling excitement here and also can have a relaxation time on the mountain gateway. Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park and Iron Mountain Hot Springs are the most popular attractions here.

    This family-friendly park has lots of recreational activities for young visitors.


    Durango, a best vacationing spot surrounded by dramatic landscapes all around. Durango offers you varied heritage and culture, distinctive delicacies and energetic outdoor activities. 

    Steamboat Springs

    A popular destination throughout the year with a unique combination of mountains, valleys, and lakes the perfect setting for just about any adventure you can dream up.

    It is all surrounded by trails gives a chance to enjoy with the family. If you are an enthusiastic person you would love to do hiking here. 

    Holidays and Festivals in Colorado

    Colorado is enriched with all traditional festivals and events throughout the year. 

    Telluride Film Festival: Telluride is renowned for its extraordinary music and film festivals which presents ample events all around the year. 

    The snow culture plans plenty of festivities as the Christmas eve arrives. Visit this fantastic place is worth it.

    Annual bluegrass festival is also an appreciable festival. if you are a fan of folk music then you must take part in it.

    So, Get ready with your boots and party caps to make out most of your vacations through Colorado’s colourful events and festivals.

    Popular Appetite

    Colorado’s regional cuisine is unique and delightful. Colorado’s fantastic delicacies are very distinctive as its landscapes. You will find mouth-watering treats everywhere.

    Some of the well-known eateries are Rocky mountain oyster, lamb, trout, Palisade peaches etc.

    Unique Attractions Around the State

    Mesa Verde National Park

    Mesa Verde is unique in its own. You will feel amazed by Mesa Verde’s cliff accommodation. Cliff palace is one of the most attractive dwellings with fabulous interiors and incredible conserved history.  You can have a complete view of this amazing site from its nearest spot.

    Garden of the Gods

    Garden of the Gods comes under the category of National Natural Landmark. This unique creation is a landscape of stone towers balanced in its own way.  The giant balanced rock expressing unanimous beauty along with different mountains completes the scene. This unique nature’s creation is also famous for rock climbing. Your visit to this place will be worth it.

    Great sand dunes national park and preserve

    Great sand dunes national park and preserve are considered as an amazing landscape which is diverse in nature. They are very sparkling and appears as huge mountains. 

    You can climb and slide on the sand dunes experiencing a different feel. Medano Creek runs along the base of the dunes are generally visited by children as well as by adults on hot days.

    Adorable and Unique Beaches

    Beaches in Colorado are truly a paradise for the visitors because of their charismatic view. Giant mountains all around make a breath-taking view. Lots of activities are there in which you along with your family can indulge like sunbathing, swimming or building castles on the beaches. Blue Mesa Reservoir is a state’s largest water body offers ample opportunity for outdoor recreation and plenty of shoreline for soaking up some Colorado sun. You can also enjoy fishing, windsurfing, water-skiing, hiking and boating as well.

    Medano Creek is known as “Colorado’s natural beach”. This Beach is created when the snow melts from the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It occurs in late May or early June, the water opens-up the opportunities for floating, skimboarding and surfing. You will have a memorable experience on this unique beach.

    Feasible Time to Visit

    June to October is the best duration for heading towards this mesmerizing place. During summers, the snow melts down and this becomes the high time to hike in the Rocky Mountains. Spring and summer are the best months for experiencing clear sky and can have to soak yourself in the sun. So, what to think of? Pack up your luggage and enjoy the journey to this amazing site.

    Heading to Colorado

    Every foreigner or an elite can have ease access to this dynamic place through boarding a flight to Denver International airport. There are many regional airports, allows easy connections from Denver to many other destinations around. You will find local means of transport as well to travel around the state. Such as car, bus, taxi etc.

    Accommodation in Colorado

    Visitors love to visit this place because of its unrivalled natural beauty. To have a comfortable vacation you would be looking forward to home. Rent By Host is one of the best websites providing a list of property of your choices. No booking fee vacation rentals in Colorado is the perfect choice for visitors. Well furnished indoors and amazing outdoors will be easily available to you. So, book an apartment or a villa or a cabin as per your choice, to have felt like home.

    Remember: You can save 15-20% on booking fee or service fee in comparison with big players.  


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