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    Michigan, a state in the Great Lakes region of the upper Midwestern US, is an invigorating vacation destination. It has salubrious weather conditions year-round and teems with lots of natural and man-made attractions. Plus, it is famous for its gastronomy, shopping opportunities, and adventures. In terms of accommodations, various types of Michigan vacation rentals—villas, condos, apartments, houses, cabins, and vacation homes—furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities are available at very affordable prices. These rentals also feature a private pool and are both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

    Best Time to Visit Michigan

    The best times to visit Michigan are from May 21st to September 30th. During this time, the weather remains moderate and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall. The minimum temperature is as low as 45°F (7°C) and the maximum temperature is as high as 85°F (30°C). The average daily temperature hovers between 55°F to 75°F (13°C to 49°C).

    How to Visit Michigan? 

    Whether you are a local or international tourist, you can easily access Michigan without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are Alpena County Regional Airport, Sawyer International Airport, Muskegon County Airport, and MBS International Airport.  The local means of transportation include buses, cars, and taxis.

    Best Things to Do in Michigan

    Michigan boasts many places. Those that you should include in your bucket list include the following:

    Michigan Historical Museum, Lansing: The Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing was the first facility created by the state museum system and is its largest educational center. Exhibits and artifacts range from an exploration of the region's native populations through the state's evolution and growth as it became what you see today. Permanent and rotating exhibits include interactive modules, films, and presentations.

    Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum, Paradise: Open seasonally from May 1 through October 31, this museum is full of artifacts from historic wrecks of Lake Superior's "Shipwreck Coast," an 80-mile section of dangerous shoreline that claimed numerous lives. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is among its most famous victims, and the museum displays its recovered bell.

    Windmill Island, Holland: One of the most picturesque places in Michigan, Windmill Island is a 36-acre heritage park filled with manicured flower gardens and Dutch architecture. In May, the park comes to life with 175,000 tulips, and in June the extensive gardens change to annual flowers. Highlights include an authentic Dutch windmill, DeZwaan, dating to the 1760s and brought from the Netherlands in 1964. Standing 125 feet, the windmill is a symbol of the Dutch heritage of this area and is the only original Dutch windmill exported to America. It is still a working windmill producing stone ground flour for sale.

    Kitch-iti-Kipi, Manistique: Located within Palms Brook State Park in Michigan's Central Upper Peninsula, Kitch-iti-Kipi is a unique freshwater spring that is fed 10,000 gallons of water every minute. Referred to as the "Mirror of Heaven" by the native Chippewa, the water here is stunning blue-green and crystal clear, allowing visitors to see far into its depths. The temperature of the spring is always 45 degrees Fahrenheit, so even in the middle of a Michigan winter, the water remains unfrozen.

    Fort Mackinac, Mackinaw City: Michilimackinac, located in Mackinaw City, was a French fur-trading village and military outpost that operated from 1715 until 1781 when it was almost entirely destroyed by fire. Also known as Fort Mackinac, the site is now home to 14 fully restored and authentically furnished buildings, one of which is the oldest in Michigan.

    Belle Isle Park, Detroit: Detroit's Belle Isle sits in the Detroit River, housing an expansive park that is home to numerous attractions; the entrance fee to the island covers admission to all. A family favorite is the Belle Isle Aquarium, the country's oldest aquarium. It is housed in a historic 1904 building with a stunning green opalite vaulted ceiling, and aquarium residents include favorites like pufferfish and clown fish, turtles, seahorses, and even poison frogs.

    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor: The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor encompasses 2,800 acres. Some of the interesting old Gothic buildings include the Law Quadrangle, the Power Center for the Performing Arts, and the Natural History Museum. Key attractions on the campus include the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, with strong collections related to Mediterranean civilizations, the University Of Michigan Museum Of Art, and the University Of Michigan Museum Of Natural History.

    Detroit Zoo: The Detroit Zoo has an impressive variety of animals in multiple habitats representing all parts of the world. African animals live either in the forest or grassland habitats and include everything from aardvark to zebra, with many family favorites like giraffes, lions, lemurs, and several primates. An arctic habitat is a home to the zoo's famous polar bears, and the Australian Outback has sixteen resident kangaroos and two wallabies. The exotic Asian Forest features red pandas and Amur tigers, while the North American habitats feature some of the continent's most interesting animals, including bears, wolverines, and bald eagles.

    Isle Royale National Park:  Isle Royale lies in northwestern Lake Superior near the Canadian frontier. Shaped by Ice Age glaciers, this 432-square-mile island has many lakes and streams, dense forests, and a variety of wildlife that includes wolves, foxes, moose, otters, ospreys, and herring gulls, falcons, and more. This relatively unspoiled tract of the country attracts those looking for a remote wilderness experience. The best way to see the park is on hiking trails and boat trips. Access to the island is by boat or seaplane. Trips usually originate from Houghton or Copper Harbor, Michigan, or Grand Portage, Minnesota.

    Booking of Accommodations in Michigan


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