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    Massachusetts, a New England state bordered by New Hampshire and Vermont in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, Rhode Island, and Connecticut in the south, New York in the west. You will be amazed at the lakes and rivers created by melting glaciers. Massachusetts has been the scene of many historical events. It includes a popular spot for fall-leaf watching called the Berkshires, as well as Massachusetts’ highest point, Mount Greylock. 

    Despite being a small state there is a lot for travelers to do in Massachusetts. During a visit to Massachusetts, consider staying in one of the Vacation Home Rentals without booking fee as they offer standard and luxurious surroundings along with the interiors and most importantly a feel like your own home. So, have a go through on Rent By Host website for the feasible property as per your choice. It offers you the property at reasonable prices.



    Massachusetts has a bulk of eminent places fully immersed in natural beauty and adventurous surroundings which draws travelers all around the world. Have a look at the cities which can fulfill all your desires.

    Cape Cod

    With its beautiful sandy beaches and laid-back atmosphere, Cape Cod is a popular summer vacation destination for nearby Boston and New York. It is famous for its beaches. You can visit here to relax in the sun, bring your camera to join the photographers and artists who've immortalized the region's lighthouses, windmills, white-sand beaches, sea captains' homes, dunes, surf, and weathered shingle cottages.



    Nantucket is a charming, historic island 36 miles off the shores of Cape Cod in Nantucket Sound. Filled with charming inns, museums, and eclectic shops, this well-preserved historic island showcases its maritime history. Visitors will find an endless supply of sandy beaches and over 80 miles of shoreline. This small island is big on charisma, and its size makes even the outer edges easily accessible. Your visit to this place will be worthy. There is an abundance of historic, cultural, outdoor, and gastronomic pleasures to work into your vacation schedule.



    It is considered as a Massachusetts’ peaceful gem. Musicians and artists selling their work on the street can draw your attention. You can also watch students bustling here around the Harvard Square “Soul of the city”.


    Woods Hole

    Located right in the south of Cape Cod, this tiny town makes for a very worthwhile visit. It expands in the summertime as residents with vacation homes to bathe in the beautiful water. In fact, the coast on the Atlantic Ocean is the most stunning part of this town, the beaches are long and golden, and the water a stunning blue. It is an ideal spot to encounter different types of sea life. When not swimming, visitors should check out the quirky shops and activities in town, including folk dancing nights in the community hall.



    A city is full of landmarks and sights. It is an example of multiculturism. You cannot miss China Town, full of delicious bakeries and ethnic restaurants. Shopaholics will have jovial time visiting Sowa in Boston’s south, famed for its markets, shops, and art galleries.



    It is a hot tourist destination that nevertheless manages to maintain its unique identity. Prominently known as Province Town. Located at the very tip of Cape Cod, it is no wonder that visitors flock to explore the alluring beaches. You can explore its strong artistic flair, containing a variety of art galleries and craft stores, as well as centers promoting visual arts and writing, and the Provincetown International Film Festival catered to independent films. These features make it a unique City.



    Salem, A haunted house of the U.S. It is a medium-sized town on the North Shore of Massachusetts. You can visit the Salem Witch Trail here along with your family, shows the story of trials and their context. Exploring the Collection of arts at the Peabody Essex Museum will be exciting for your kids.


    Great Barrington

    A known vacation area in the far west of Massachusetts. It has the Taconic Mountains, which are a breathtaking part of the Appalachian Trail. An ideal stop for nature-lovers, who can take a break by walking through the quaint Main Street, especially in the spring when it is lined with flowering trees. You will get a chance to glimpse one of the US’ only ‘castles’, Searles Castle.




    Massachusetts is a perfect destination for beach lovers. You will be avail of the mesmerizing beauty and wonderful surroundings of the shores. Massachusetts boasts some of the most spectacular beaches in the country. 

    Constitution Beach

    It is a popular spot for kids with lifeguard-supervised swimming. Sunbathers and swimmers can enjoy views of Boston Harbor. The sheltered benches and open field provide space for picnics or a pick-up game of Frisbee. You will have an amusing time here.

    Lovells Island

    Beaches and history go together on Lovells Island. On the shore, wade through vibrant tide pools, swim in the refreshing water, and be sure to pack a picnic. Do not forget to take a break to explore the island’s old gun batteries and the foundations of Fort Standish.

    Singing Beach

    Far removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby Boston, the north shore lays claim to a musical beach. Additional areas are set aside for sports. A path runs along an upper area, shaded with trees for those who want to get out of the sun. It is also a nice place for a picnic.

    Wingaersheek Beach

    Wingaersheek Beach is a popular family location. Children will love the shallow pools that form along the rocks at low tide. They are a perfect diversion and are often filled with small creatures from the sea. You can feel the water has been kissed by the sun and sparkles in the afternoon light.




     As May arrives, the state of Massachusetts defeats its warm season by a festival just about every weekend. You can also enjoy special events around Cape Cod and in the historic towns of Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires.


    Massachusetts turn into a street carnival each spring for the popular Mayfair celebration. You will be amazed by live music and lots of entertainment all around. The show will be enjoyable for you as well as for your kids.

    The Big E

     The largest fair takes place in Springfield, Massachusetts. You can be a part of this festival if you plan a vacation around the end of September or early October. You can enjoy carnival rides, livestock shows, concerts, games, a circus, and a lot of fun.

    Berklee Bean Town Jazz Festival

    A Jazz festival is organized during the closure of summers. Top musicians around the country come to make musical environment all around. It is free and backed up with tasty food vendors, craft stalls, and a special family fun zone where parents and kids can hang out together.



    Massachusetts fulfills all the curiosities. It is made for family fun. It has ample museums, aquariums, and zoos that you can explore. There is an Indoor Trampoline Park, an indoor water park to have fun. You along with your kids can explore Green Hill Park and enjoy the free, year-round petting zoo. Adventurers can enjoy indoor rock climbing at Central Rock Gym. You can enjoy ice skating as well.


    There is a wide range of foodstuffs you will love to be served. Griddled blueberry muffins are a distinctly New England phenomenon. You can stir up your taste buds with distinct varieties of beans served here.  Lobster Rolls is a delicious Massachusetts dish dressed up with creamy mayo or topped with rice melted butter. Seafood lovers will love to have Baked Stuffed Scrod to be served.



    You can have a jovial trip to Massachusetts any time all around the year. Distinctly, beach lovers will love to have Sunbathe on the beaches So, to enjoy the warmth of the sun the summers will be the perfect time for them. You can enjoy winter sports and festivals during cold and snowy weather. Visitors fond of nature’s beauty when the flower blooms and the leaves change their color can visit in springs.



    Boston Logan International Airport provides comfortable flights to and from Massachusetts. This airport connects travelers from all around the world. You can hire a cab from the airport to visit Vacation Home rental and can choose a various means of transport like bus, car, Train to traverse the whole state.




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