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    About East Region Vacation Rentals By Owner

    East Tennessee, one of the three Grand Divisions of Tennessee, is a dazzling vacation destination. It comprises approximately the eastern third of the U.S. state of Tennessee. It is a nature-lover's dream—but that's not all that the area has to offer. Get ready for country music, beer trails, historical mansions, and much more with our top recommendations for things to do in East Tennessee. In terms of accommodations, various types of East Region vacation rentals—villas, condos, apartments, houses, cabins, and vacation homes—furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities are available at very affordable prices. These rentals also feature a private pool and are both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

    Best Time to Visit East Region of Tennessee 

    The best times to visit the East Region of Tennessee are from April 16th to May 27th and from September 10th to October 21st. During this time, the weather remains moderate and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall. The minimum temperature is as low as 45°F (7°C) and the maximum temperature is as high as 85°F (30°C). The average daily temperature hovers between 55°F to 75°F (13°C to 49°C).

    How to Visit East Region of Tennessee? 

    Whether you are a local or international tourist, you can easily access East Region without much hustle and bustle. The chief airports located here are Nashville International Airport, Tri-Cities Regional Airport, McGhee Tyson Airport, and Tri-Cities Airport. The local means of transportation include buses, cars, and taxis.

    Best Things to Do in the East Region of Tennessee

    East Region boasts many places. Those that you should include in your bucket list include the following:

    The Museum of Appalachia: This large open-air museum focuses on the people who settled in the Appalachian Mountains and is one of the best heritage villages in the United States. The museum allows you to explore the past through hands-on activities, such as weaving and farming.

    American Museum of Science and Energy, Oak Ridge: The American Museum of Science and Energy in Oak Ridge offers a fascinating insight into the history of nuclear energy. Located 24 miles west of Knoxville, the museum highlights the central role of Oak Ridge in the Manhattan Project to develop the first atomic bomb.

    The Parthenon, Nashville: No visit to Nashville would be complete without visiting the huge Parthenon. One of Tennessee's most remarkable attractions, it is the centerpiece of Centennial Park, a short walk from the city's downtown core.

    Chattanooga and the Tennessee Valley Railroad: Tennessee has had a lengthy love affair with the railroad. During the Civil War, the Southern Confederate Army relied on railways to transport military supplies. In peacetime, railways and rivers were vital for shipping wood and cotton.

    Booking of Accommodations in the East Region of Tennessee


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    East Region Vacation Rentals By Owner

    Explore a variety of East Region Vacation Rentals By Owner, from cozy cabins to luxurious villas, all without booking fees.

    East Region Vacation Rentals By Owner Rentals by Owner

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    East Region Vacation Rentals By Owner stands out as a top vacation destination for travelers looking to create unforgettable memories on their next trip.

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