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    About Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner

    Brickell, an urban neighborhood of Greater Downtown Miami, is lively vacation destination in the US state of Florida. With pleasant weather conditions year-round, it abounds with beaches, islands, greenery and much more. Plus, it is famous for its swanky hotels and restaurants. In terms of accommodations, various types of Brickell vacation rentals—villas, condos, apartments, houses, cabins, and vacation homes—furnished with all the modern facilities and amenities are available at very affordable prices. These rentals also feature a private pool and are both kid-friendly and pet-friendly.

    Best Time to Visit Brickell

    In terms of weather, tourism and safety, the best times to visit Brickell are from late April through May, and from November 19th to April 1st. During this time, the weather remains moderate and there are the least chances of rainfall and snowfall. The minimum temperature is as low as 45°F (7°C) and the maximum temperature is as high as 85°F (30°C). The average daily temperature hovers between 55°F to 75°F (13°C to 49°C).

    How to Visit Brickell?  

    Whether you are a local or international tourist, you can easily access Brickell without much hustle and bustle. The chief airport located here are Brickell is Miami (MIA) Airport, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International (FLL), West Palm Beach/Palm Beach (PBI), and Ft. Myers (RSW).The local means of transportation include buses, cars, and taxis.

    Best Places to Visit in Brickell

    Brickellboasts many places. Those that you should include in your bucket list include the following: 

    Everglades: A day trip outside of the city will take you to the Everglades National Park. You will be able to see the wildlife and even some dolphins on this boat trip. As you continue on the trip there will be an alligator in the rivers and there will be plenty of native vegetation. This is a relaxing day out of the busy city. You can even relax and enjoy a picnic lunch in one of the historic landing and trading posts.

    El Tucan Nightclub: This is one of the best nightclubs in the city. There are bottle services and a DJ. Some performers wearing high heels come and dance around. Rick Ross will even show up to the party from time to time. There is Latin music that is high in energy. You can also request some dance music. As long as the music is bumping there will be attractive people up and dancing. There are nightly bar specials here too.

    Sugar: This is the place to be at night. This is a rooftop bar where there are plenty of plants and greenery. It is on the 40th floor of one of the buildings and offers a great view of the city. Some of the tallest skyscrapers can be found in Miami and you will be able to have a great view of the city from this rooftop bar. This is also the home to the Whisper Lounge. This bar has windows from the floor to the ceiling. If you go inside, you will be able to see the entire city.

    Marion: This is a French fusion restaurant and the food is tasty but many people go there for the show. After the dinner is served during the Soiree the lights are lowered and the tables become an area for dancing. There are maniacs with sparklers that come out and put on a show complete with desserts that are lit on fire and presented to the guest.

    Booking of Accommodations in Brickell


    RentByHost, one of the best Brickell vacation rentals by owner, offers no-booking-fee vacation rentals in Brickell at very affordable prices around the clock on a prompt basis. With it, you will be able to save up to 15 to 20% on booking fees. You can contact it anytime to book any of these vacation rentals for your comfortable accommodations.

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    Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner

    Explore a variety of Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner, from cozy cabins to luxurious villas, all without booking fees.

    Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner Rentals by Owner

    At Rent By Host, we facilitate seamless reservations, linking owners and travelers directly. For Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner, provide a simple process, direct owner contact.

    No Booking Fee Vacation Rentals

    Brickell Vacation Rentals By Owner stands out as a top vacation destination for travelers looking to create unforgettable memories on their next trip.

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