The Best 5 Pet Friendly Vacation Destination that You Must Visit in the USA

Jun 01, 2023 Best 5 Pet Friendly Vacation Destination in the USA
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Are you fond of enjoying a vacation along with your pet? If so, then you must visit some noted vacation destinations in the US. Apart from excellent weather conditions, they abound with gorgeous beaches, grasslands, prairies, and much more. These popular vacation destinations include the following:

San Diego, California

If you are planning to enjoy a great vacation along with your pet, then San Diego is the perfect destination for you. Lots of tourists visit this beautiful city in California every year for endless activities. With a chance to enjoy some of its spectacular beaches, you make your dream vacation to San Diego come true!

San Diego boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S. as well as in the world. The most famous beaches worth visiting here include Blacks Beach, La Jolla Cove, La Jolla Shores, Mission Bay, Mission Beach and The Strand, North Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach, South Mission Beach, Torry Pines State Beach, and Widansea Beach.

Blacks Beach is another vacation destination that you should put on your radar. It is located just south of Torrey Pines State Beach, is nearly two miles long, and has high cliffs rising up behind it. The best way to reach this beach is to get to the park at Torrey Pines State Beach and simply walk south.

San Diego has it all for you that will make your vacation thoroughly enjoyable. The diverse, beautiful landscape, 70 miles of oceanfront beaches, bayfront tidelands, inland foothills, deserts, canyons, and mountains - all make San Diego a hot spot for individual tourists, couples, and families.

Austin, Texas

Austin, TX is one of the best pet-friendly vacation destinations in the US.  It boasts a large variety of restaurants and cuisines for you to sample. It is well known for its barbeque and Mexican fare. If you have a car, you may be interested in traveling to Driftwood, TX to eat sloppy ribs at the Salt Lick.

Austin, known as the "Live Music Capital of the World" provides local families and tourists with a multitude of family-friendly entertainment. The local attraction of Austin Texas for kids consists of a number of venues within the city where they may unleash their creativity, cater to their love of physical activity, and nourish their appreciation for nature. From younger toddlers to teenagers, Austin offers fun activities for all age groups. The best places to visit here include the following:

Austin Zoo: The Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary is home to over 300 animals of various species. Reminiscent of a beloved animation film dear to many children, the large cat exhibit is a favorite of many kids.

Austin Children's Museum: The Austin Children's Museum is the local attraction of Austin Texas where children of all ages may be introduced to science and reinforce their scientific knowledge by practical application.

Volente Beach

Volente Beach Water Park is just a hop, skip and splash away from Austin, in Cedar Park. It's located on FM 2769 right on the beach of beautiful Lake Travis.

The park has water rides and slides for every person in the family, young or old. From rides like the `Texas Twister' that takes you on a plunge that twists and turns, or how about `The Sidewinder' that takes you and a friend down a slope and up the other side, all why you are twisting and turning sideways! How about trying to get across `Gators Crossing' without falling in?

If you are not quite up to swimming gators, then how about jumping on the pirate ship; it's decked out with a slide and lots of other surprises. If you don't like that, you can always walk the plank! `The Roadrunner" also offers the adventurous at heart to take a fast swift ride down the twisting slide with lots of water pushing you along the way.

After all the pirates and gators, you'll want to take a ride on the lazy lagoon. Just sit back and relax while floating around or playing a game of Marco Polo. Volente Beach also has a nice sandy beach to visit and build sand castles or just sit back and catch some sun!

Asheville, North Carolina

When planning a family vacation to Asheville, North Carolina, it's a great idea to include some fun things to do with the kids and pets. There are many activities that the younger set will love in Asheville and in and around Western North Carolina.

Visit Chimney Rock Park: Chimney Rock Park is a favorite destination for Asheville-area visitors. It features unique outcroppings of rock and is approximately a one-hour drive from Asheville. An elevator takes visitors to the top of the 'chimney' where there is easy access to high-elevation trails.

Discover the ClimbMax Climbing Center: At the ClimbMax Climbing Center in downtown Asheville, you can practice rock-climbing skills in a safe, supervised environment. The Climbing Center is set up with indoor walls that replicate actual rock climbs. Children may participate in bouldering or unroped climbing, no higher than 12 feet. The ClimbMax Climbing Center is an interactive environment that children will remember long after their Asheville visit.

Picnicking at Mount Mitchell: Mount Mitchell, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River, stands at 6,688 feet. You can drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway to this destination, about one hour north of Asheville. Extra clothing is recommended because the temperature is likely to be 20-30 degrees cooler. The observation deck provides 360-degree views and families can take part in an interpretive program about the history of Mount Mitchell and its native wildlife, flora and fauna.

Sedona, Arizona:

Sedona has the key to everything you are looking for in a vacation. Rich in history and culture, you will learn and relax all at the same time. Knowing a little more about its history will ensure that you fully take advantage of all this area has to offer, as well as prepare yourself for the experiences you are interested in. Nature lovers will fully be in their element here.

Sedona is nestled in Arizona's high desert, situated under the towering Southwestern rim of the mighty Colorado plateau. It is perfect as a travel destination because it usually has four mild seasons with plenty of sunshine, fresh air, and natural beauty, and pet-friendly vacation rental homes. The main attractions bring people from all over the world to experience the historic natural beauty and rock formations year after year. Sedona stands as one of our nation's most natural, breathtaking beauties and a national landmark we should be proud to call one of our own.

Because of the natural beauty, there is just so much to take in on your journey to Sedona. Active or not, this place will inspire you to get moving, go on excursions, and channel your artistic side. It may seem difficult to pack in all that Sedona has to offer as the attractions are seemingly endless. From hiking, backpacking, photography, or guided plane tours, Sedona has so much to offer.

Panhandle, Florida

Panhandle is a great place to vacation for all, from honeymooners who do not want to venture any further than the beach on the doorstep of their rental home, to large families who want to play on the beach and explore for entertainment, kid-friendly amenities, and pet-friendly vacation rental homes.  A rental home is great for this type of vacation because it gives you the comfort of a "home away from home" with all the facilities you need to make your stay go smoothly. Choose a house with its own private boardwalk, allowing you to wander down to the water's edge at any time of the day or night.

Panhandle also offers some of the highest sand dunes, allowing visitors to view dolphins swimming in the water. The area is ideal for golfers; Camp Creek golf club is also a great place to admire local wildlife. It is also an area of undeveloped, impeccable beaches and lakes, perfect for a quiet day wandering through around 1,700 acres of vegetation. If you fancy a bit of retail therapy, the area has plenty of independent specialty shops from which you can pick up a souvenir or two. There is also a range of art galleries if you are in the mood for some culture during your trip.


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