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Ande Lake

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Displaced Canadians now living in Dallas. Growing up on the East coast of Canada we appreciate the need to head to the beach in winter so that's where we started. Summers in PCB are like nothing we see in Canada, and there is so much to do in and nearby Calypso. The kids are grown, graduated college and living on their own so it helps to have a home on the beach to convince them to spend more time with the old folks!
Why the host chose this property
Location, location, location! My wife says she has spent more time with a purse before buying it than she did with our condo. Friends of ours owned here for years and begged us to visit but we never seemed to find time to come. What a mistake!
When we finally found our way to visit them for a weekend, we fell in love with Calypso, made an offer on one for sale and suddenly we owned a home at the beach. The fact that you are right on such a beautiful beach and can walk to so many places to eat, shop, drink is so wonderful.
First thing we did was rip out everything, and donate all the furniture to a veterans group and turned the place into our home at the beach. When we eat as a family the kids don't want to eat out, they want all the favorite homemade meals they miss so we have everything needed to prepare almost anything.
What makes this property unique?
This is a true VRBO, a vacation home made available by the owner. Our biggest disappointment since owning is not everyone takes care and pride in ownership and sometimes Calypso gets bad reviews. It drives us crazy because the building and its amenities are top notch but many of the places haven't been updated since the building opened well over 10 years ago. Some of the owners never visit, they have a property group manage it and sit back and bank a check.
Not us, we come here all the time, we want it to be clean and have the best of everything. From towels, sheets, to appliances and everything in between we got what we like to have and we are always looking to make improvements. Maybe the only downside of sharing our home with others is spending time fussing and touching up things when we are here and not kicking back to relax.
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