Dawn K: Vacation Rental Owner in Florida

Dawn K Vacation Rentals Owner

Dawn K

Why they chose this property
Throughout our travels, we fell in love with Sanibel. Along with the best beaches in the world, Sanibel has wonderful weather, a relaxed atmosphere with great restaurants and shopping.There is not a better place to vaction and relax. We one day plan to retire to this beautiful place.
What makes this property unique
Location, location, location! We are 6 houses to private beach access. Our heated screened pool has beautiful Wetedge pebble and glass finish. The water is a beautiful Caribbean blue and the pebble finish just sparkles. Many of the homes on Sanibel are not ground level. We love the convienence of not climbing stairs everytime we need something in the house or to just go out to the pool. We are located in the middle of the island, close to Captiva and Sanibel's attractions. We have equipped our house as we would for ourselves. Come and make yourself at home.
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