Alma & Shefqet Meko: Vacation Rental Owner in Minnesota

Alma & Shefqet Meko Vacation Rentals Owner

Alma & Shefqet Meko

Speaks : Albanian, English, Italian

We are  owner of Meko Properties LLC. We came  to USA  October  1999 through DV Program (Diversity Visa Program). Since then we did work hard to build our life and the future for our kids and ourselves. Both college graduated and very deditcated. We know that the power of the  bussines is truth, dedication and involvment. Not easy to be host in  nowdays, but we do beleive that serving others, helping and being kind and prompt to  respond any situation, is the right way to live the life. Alma is economist . Shefqet  has been graduated as  veterinerian since  1983, but never practised this profesion beacuse was not his choice, but "government decision".... (Albania was  Socialist Republic and as was stated in consitution "Proletariat Dictetorship" with one part ruling till 1990). However he did achieve to  be journalist and writer.  Shefqet said: "America give the chance to learn and change daily...America has been build for the dreamers and hard workers...". He is one of them and Alma is  the star of good  and beautiful spirit.Alma & Shefqet Meko are the "Gold Couple" of Minnesota. You will  be able to verify this once be their guest. Feel free to ask any questions.


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