Top 5 Places You Must See When Visiting New York

Jan 18, 2022 Top 5 Places You Must See When Visiting New York - Rent By Host
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New York is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. The amazing diversity of this city has made it a dream destination for people around the world. Another thing that attracts people to New York from far and near is the reason is anyone can do anything they want in this marvelous city!

However, in a city this big, you have to plan your trip, so you don’t miss some important destinations. You have to ensure that you don’t spend your time at places that don’t deserve your attention.

Have you bought your tickets to NYC and want to know which places you must visit? Keep reading this article to find five amazing tourist attractions in New York you must see!

Central Park

If you love to observe nature and want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of New York, Central Park is the place where you must go. Nothing beats the stunning beauty of Central Park when the sun shines brighter. However, this park is also stunning in winter, and you’d essentially miss the feel of New York if you don’t go to Central Park.

Another great thing about Central Park is that you can meet locals of NYC there. Getting to know the locals helps you understand the dynamics of the city. In Central Park, you can:

  • Go to The Ramble
  • Visit Strawberry fields
  • Skate at Wollman Rink
  • Spend your time in Sheep’s Meadow

Make sure you take some food with you when you visit Central Park.

Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn is considered the best borough of New York by some people. Visiting the Brooklyn Bridge will help you understand why so many people love Brooklyn. The stunning views at Brooklyn Bridge give you the chance to understand what NYC really is and how the residents of NYC live.

There are tons of hotels to choose from so if you are opting to stay in the area, check out the  Condor Hotel in Brooklyn. Make sure to choose a hotel that has a central location to the attractions that you want to visit during your trip.

Statue of Liberty

The American Dream can be materialized the best by visiting the Statue of Liberty. This amazing statue is symbolic for the Americans but has special value for the city of New York. You are guaranteed to get some stunning views by visiting the Statue of Liberty. It’s recommended to spend some time in the Statue of Liberty Museum to learn more about the history of America and NYC.

Chinatown and Little Italy

As mentioned above, the most important reason why people love to visit NYC is the presence of a thriving culture. People from different parts of the world coexist happily in New York, and you can see it yourself by visiting Chinatown and Little Italy.

Both Chinatown and Little Italy are close to each other, which also symbolizes the freedom and harmony exercised by the residents of NYC. Get ready to dive into a unique cultural experience when you go to Chinatown and Little Italy.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The art coming out of NYC has influenced modern culture. You can trace back all the trends in fashion, music, movies, and media back to the amazing city of New York. If you are willing to understand how art has thrived over the decades in NYC, it’s important that you visit the amazing Metropolitan Museum of Art. You’d love to witness all the details and persevered culture of NYC inside the museum. 

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