Happy Memorial Day 2022

May 25, 2022 Happy Memorial Day 2022 - Rent By Host
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Let’s Unite to Pay Tribute to Soldiers on Memorial Day 2022

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Memorial Day— Monday, 30 May—is just around the corner. Let us be united to pay tribute to our soldiers, who sacrificed their lives for your safety and happiness.

Observation of Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day or Decoration Day is a federal holiday in the United States. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May. Memorial Day 2008 is on May 26. This day is to honor and remember U.S men and women who have died in military service to their country. It initially began to honor Union Soldiers who died during the American Civil War. For many, it marks the beginning of summer. Schools are often dismissed on Memorial Day.

On this holiday, often people visit cemeteries and memorials. At 3 pm, Washington time, a National Moment of remembrance takes place. Another traditional practice on Memorial Day is to fly the National flag at half staff from dawn to the noon local time. At numerous cemeteries, the graves of the martyrs are increasingly ignored and neglected. Most people no longer commemorate the proper flag etiquette for the day. While there are towns and cities that continue to hold Memorial Day parades, many have not held a parade in decades. Gradually, as years pass by, the present generation is confused about whether Memorial Day is for honoring any and all dead, and not just those who died in service to the country. In addition, to the traditional practices, families do take time off to go for picnics, gatherings, and sporting events.

Today, many people actually "celebrate" this day with little thought about its original purpose or meaning. They have picnics and parties. They enjoy the fact that they have a three-day weekend without ever stopping to consider why.

This holiday came with a price—and is no cause for celebration. The fact that we have a day off should be for one reason only: as a memorial.

From what I can discern, there have been approximately 654,446 Americans in uniform killed under arms between 1775 and 2008, and another 525,930 who died while performing military service other than combat during that time. These numbers don't include those lost in Iraq after May 2008. It's true, freedom is never free.

We have other national days of celebration but only one Memorial Day. We should use it as such. I've heard it said that we should "put the 'memorial' back on Memorial Day," and I'd have to agree.

There is meaning in parades and such, but the energy in a parade is upbeat and celebratory. I'd suggest other ways of recognizing our dead soldiers. Go back to cemeteries of the fallen and place flags or flowers on their graves, visit war memorials, and support the care of these cemeteries and memorials.

The History behind Memorial Day in the USA

Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States of America. This is not an ordinary holiday, it's a magnificent victory day in remembrance of those men and women in military services who have died for the victory of the nation, and it's a day for national heroes who died for the country. Memorial Day is primitively known as Decoration Day, but in 1882, some started calling it Memorial Day. But till 1967 this was not an official name. On 5th May 1868, Memorial Day was first proclaimed by General John A. Logan. When the civil war ends up in 1865 around 497,831 soldiers died for the nation. People started to decorate the graves of the soldiers who died in the war. In 1915, Moina Michael conceived the idea to wear red poppies on that day in the honor of the soldiers who died serving the nation throughout the civil war. She was the first who wore this flower and sold it to her friends and other people. The money that came from the selling of the flowers was used to benefit the family of soldiers. In 1921, France- American children league started to sell these flowers and gave the benefits to depriving Belgium and France.

Since the late '50s before the Memorial Day warriors place the small flags of America on 260,000 gravestones at Arlington National Cemetery. After World War- almost every state of America started to celebrate this memorable day. But present people have forgotten the custom. Many of the graves of the veterans at the boneyard are ignored by the people. Many peoples of America celebrate Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials.

By remembering the soldiers of war, Memorial Day is of course a time to visit war memorial places and gave their protection to the veterans who died in serving the nations. There are so many events coordinated by many of the high society. On Memorial Day we can also prepare a party or picnic and every guest bring a story of someone who served the country. We can also go to the cemetery and place candles and flags on the veteran's graves.

From a spiritual perspective, you could make the day more spiritual by participating in a National Moment of Remembrance at 3 p.m., which gives you a chance to actually pause and consider the true meaning of the day and offer up prayers to the fallen or for those soldiers still fighting around the world. You can pray for the soldiers who protect our country now.

Judaism has a prayer for the dead, the kaddish. Jews could say this prayer on Memorial Day for all the fallen soldiers. People from other religions could do something similar or light one of those seven-day candles or a yartzeit candle, one that burns for a full day, as is used in the Jewish tradition to mark the anniversary of someone's death. You could create a small memorial to someone you know who has fallen during battle or war, or to all the soldiers; place a candle there and some flowers, and simply say a brief payer or blessing after creating it.

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Briefly Put! 

Whatever you do, don't just go out and have a picnic or party and celebrate. That's not what Memorial Day is all about. Remember that. Remember.


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