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Oct 09, 2021 Celebrate Thanks Giving Day : Rent By Host
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Celebrate Thanks Giving Day on the Forthcoming 25th November

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Let us be united to enjoy ‘Thanks Giving Day’ on coming 25th November. Organizing a dinner on this particular day is the main feature of this day. And the main menu served in the dinner is the baked or roasted Turkey and Cranberry sauce.  The bird ‘Turkey’ plays a vital role on the dining table during the dinner of this day. That’s why this day is called ‘Turkey Day.

The Legacy of the Day

Thanksgiving Day is a unique day in the history of the US. It was born out of a rich American legacy and heritage. It is a colorful day marked by festival mood, joy, and celebration. It is the most meaningful day than any other festival in the history of the US. It has a 400-year-old history. Though it was born as a simple Thanksgiving Day to the Almighty by a group of the colonial people, it gradually gained momentum and significance and evolved into a day of national importance over the years by the government support extended to it.

Celebration of the Day

Each year Thanksgiving Day falls on the Fourth Thurs day of November. It is a National Holiday for the American people. In the year 2009, Thanksgiving Day falls on November 26 and the date slightly varies in each year according to the variation in the occurrence of the last Thurs Day of November in each year. When the month of November has five Thurs Days in a particular year, naturally the date varies. For example, it falls on November 26, in the year 2009, on November 25, in the year 2010, on November 24, in the year 2011, on November 29, in the year 2012, and on November 28, in the year 2013.

A National Holiday in the US

It was the US President Abraham Lincoln who declared that the final Thurs day in November of each year as a National Holiday for Thanksgiving. It was Sarah Josepha, an American magazine editor and the author of the very famous poem 'Mary had a little lamb' who constantly campaigned and strived hard in the mid 19 century to get declared the day as a National Holiday.

In the year 1941, recognizing its historical legacy, the US Congress finally made Thanksgiving Day an official National Holiday. In the year 2001, the US postal service issued a stamp commemorating the Day. The stamp depicted cornucopia overflowing with fruits and vegetables under the phrase 'We give Thanks'. It signified that Thanksgiving Day was essentially a harvest festival.

Thanksgiving Day is very famous for its spicy and delicious dinner. Being a holiday, people travel extensively on this day to convey their wishes to their kith and kin. Cranberry, Blueberry, and Concord Grape are the three fruits that invariably occupy the dining table on that Day. Roasted Turkey is a special item that becomes part of Thanksgiving Day dinner. Throughout the US, Turkey is extensively consumed on this Day. On the Thanksgiving Day dinner, it is usual and customary that the elders will be sitting at the dining table and the youngsters will be serving them their delicious dinner as a mark of respect.

Events Associated with the Day

Another important event that adds color to Thanksgiving Day is Macy's Christmas parade that originally began in the year 1924 in New York City, to signify the launch of the Christmas shopping season. Today some three million people participate in the parade and nearly 44 million people watch it on television. On November 26, the US is celebrating Thanksgiving Day as usual with all pomp and glory, but somewhat with a low-key profile, the reason being that the country is yet to fully recover from the impact of the recession.

Recognizing the important role of Turkey as a traditional Thanks Giving Bird, three towns in the US have even taken the name of the bird: Turkey in Texas, Turkey Creek in Louisiana, and Turkey in North Carolina. Nevertheless, in the earliest Thanks Giving Day celebrated in the year 1621 in the Plymouth colony, Turkey was not a menu at the dining table. Historians are not completely certain about the actual menu that adorned the dining table on that day. However, they are sure about two items on the menu and they were: venison and the wildfowl.

But modern Thanks Giving Day dinner in the US entirely revolves around Turkey. Turkey being the chief menu on that day, they are sold like hot cakes on the eve of the day. Hence, selling turkey is a great business that has great marketing potential throughout the US. The National Turkey Federation which is supervising the demand and supply of Turkey in the US has revealed quite interesting information about Turkey. Nearly 250 million Turkeys are raised in the year 2009 for slaughter whose worth is about $ 4.5 billion.

Of them, nearly 46 million birds come to the dining table and are consumed during the dinner of the Thanks Giving Day. In a survey conducted by the National Turkey Federation nearly 88 % of Americans eat Turkey at the Thanks Giving Day dinner. The average weight of a Turkey bird that is purchased by an American is 15 pounds. To raise Turkey chicks, an artificial insemination method is being followed in the Turkey farms since there is no scope for natural copulation and fertilization among them. Minnesota is the top Turkey producing state followed by the states like North Carolina, Arkansas, Missouri, Virginia, and California.

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‘Thanks Giving Day’ is just around the corner, so start your preparations to enjoy it to your heart’s content. Relishing the meat of the turkey bird in dinner on this day is the main feature of this traditional festival. Regarding booking your accommodations, get in touch with Rent By Host

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