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Apr 30, 2021 Nevada Vacation Rentals
Las Vegas Vacation Rentals Nevada

Tourism was severely stunted across the world because of COVID-19, and not even the glittering lights and allure of Sin City were able to pull in the usual crowds. If Las Vegas used to be a place where one could let their hair down, then today, it is known as something slightly different. People are seeing the face of a new Vegas, one that is changing with the world. explains how campaigns like Reimagined offer a glimpse into a more toned-down version of the city’s tourism.

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However, just because we've had to adjust to the new normal doesn’t mean that spending your time in Vegas has to lose any of its excitement. As social distancing measures are enforced, adventure lovers are finding opportunities to look beyond the city and explore the rest of the Silver State. Here are some of the breathtaking outdoor adventures you can try in Nevada in 2021 that can be just as exhilarating as the fast pace of the city.


Lake Tahoe

Nevada Vacation Rentals

The famous Lake Tahoe can certainly be considered a treasure of Nevada. Whether you want to spend time out on the water on a sailboat rental, kayak, or canoe is totally up to you. One great way to explore the lake that’s all the rage these days is stand-up paddleboarding. It’s easy to learn, and with Tahoe’s calm waters, even beginners can get the hang of it in no time. You can opt to take lessons or just paddle up and go!


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock is something to marvel at, with the 190-million-year-old rock formations that form the impressive canyon. Both geologists and regular folk are amazed by the natural beauty of the rock’s vivid colors, which entices its visitors to go on hikes to take in the sights. Plus, points out that it’s just a short drive from the excitement of the Strip in Las Vegas. So after a day of scenic hikes and lovely views, why not end your trip with an excursion to Sin City?


Amargosa Big Dune

Amargosa Big Dune
Visiting Nevada wouldn’t be complete without seeing the impressive desert dunes, and the Amargosa Big Dune is an excellent option for plenty of activities. Visitors can ride ATVs and dune buggies, while the more adventurous can take a stab at sandboarding. However, be sure to watch your step as Big Dune is home to many sensitive species. It is also crucial to come prepared with water and other essentials as you’ll likely be spending a long day moving about!  

Goldstrike Hot Springs

Goldstrike Hot Springs

Taking a relaxing dip in steaming hot springs is one of the highlights of a trip to Vegas once you venture outside the city. Try heading over to Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs, which is just a short hour-long drive from the Strip. There, you’ll still be challenged to an adventure since reaching the hot springs includes scrambling and bouldering through an eight-rope course — tiring, but rewarding! You can also opt to kayak upstream through Black Canyon if scaling boulders is not quite your thing. Once you get to the hot spring, you can enjoy a long day of relaxation with a bit of wildlife and history thrown in.


While the Las Vegas lights might seem a little lonely at this time, it doesn’t mean there’s less to explore. The city’s perimeter is chock-full of adventure-filled things to do, and they are simply breathtaking. Whether you’re looking to hike and be rewarded with a relaxing soak or marvel at towering dunes, vacation rentals with easy access to outdoor activities in Las Vegas show how anybody can always have something exciting to look forward to in Nevada.

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