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May 27, 2020 no booking fee vacation rentals
No booking fee vacation rentals

Book your dream home on with no booking fee. Rent By Host offers all kinds of vacation rentals by owner for booking without charging booking fee neither from traveller nor from property owners. It is an owner direct platform without including any third person on booking and renting.

Rent By Host is an open platform for the property owners and the travellers where the traveller can contact with the property owners directly on and whatever queries they have they can contact with the property owners directly so travellers don't have to wait for the third person to be answered which can be correct or not.

Property Owners can share the Rental Agreement directly to the travellers which will make your place very secured and whatever the Cancellation policies you have, you can always share with the travellers directly so, there is no confusion between the travellers and the property owners.

Property Owners are the owner of the beautiful properties then why need the third person to handle your business and why are you allowing to the third persons to earn more than you are earning from your beautiful property. You should have all authorities to rent your property, the way you want not the way third-person want.

We offer Unites States, Mexico, Caribbean, Canada, Central America Vacation Rentals without booking fee for every type of traveller wanting to visit anywhere. Whether you want a modern beachfront condo in the Beach area or an affordable apartment in town or a luxury villa and you can book vacation rentals by owner with Rent By Host, family accommodation or a luxury vacation rental with ocean view; there is something for everyone and every budget. From Beach Houses, Villa Rentals, Condos to Apartments, we have what you want and need.
Rent By Host offers vacation rentals with no booking fee or service fee! Happy Planning!



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