5 Tips for Enjoying Atlantis Paradise Island

Oct 28, 2021 5 Tips for Enjoying Atlantis Paradise Island: Rent By Host
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For those of you not in the know, the Atlantis Paradise Island is a stunning ocean-themed resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. And as the islands name suggests, it really is a sight to behold.

The enormous resort stands out with its pink hue against a flat island adorned with turquoise ocean inlets. Pigs swim in the saltwater lagoons and marine habitats, while water slides and river rides make for a fun family destination. It has a deluxe shopping center, a sports arena and a marvelous casino.

In fact, its so nice that even the big celebrities have fallen in love with the island. Bloomberg reported that Nicolas Cage bought property on the island. Not to mention, CBS reported that it is a hangout for the likes of sports stars Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. 

With so much to do in and around this complex, it can be hard to narrow down the activities thatll make you enjoy it the most. Thats where we come in. 

Take a charter boat 

Go on an unforgettable seafaring excursion on the Pieces of 8 tours offered by the resort. You can go swimming with the pigs – an experience that will color your dreams as long as you live. Alternatively, you might prefer a pig-less tour. In that case, spend the day sunning it up on the private Rose-Island. Go snorkeling or scuba diving in the crystalline waters. 


Try your luck at the casino 

So, youve done some snorkeling, had a dance in the water with a pig, and become tanned to the point of being unrecognizable to those who knew you before your trip. Its time for something of an indoor thrill; and you can find that in the vast resort casino. Seek out the newest and most modern slots when navigating the slot floor in the hotels casino. 

Live casinos often bring in the best from the online category these days. Some major new games from big developers currently include titles like Sparta Wilds and Gonzos Gold. The exclusives on Foxy Bingo — titles like Vaults Of Steal and Book Of Myths, currently — tend to represent soon-to-be widespread hits as well, and if they arent already at Atlantis Paradise Islands stunning casino, then they probably will be soon. 

Practice your swing 

And we dont mean the dance. The Ocean Club Golf is a large and scenic 72 championship golf course. Spend the afternoon collecting holes on the course, and turn up to watch some of the professional events that are often held here. Then, when all is said and done, and the scores have been totted up, dine in the upscale restaurant and bar of the clubhouse. 

Zoom down the Mayan Temple Slides 

This is one for the whole family. Bring your little ones on these slides, which are the main event of the aquatic theme park of the resort. Take on the huge vertical drop known as the Leap of Faith, and pass through a clear tunnel surrounded by sharks. 


Lose yourself in The Dig 

The Dig is an aquarium that provides a simulation of the 11,000-year-old lost continent (which is purely mythological), complete with imagined sea creatures and statues in the tanks. Surrounding these monuments are lobsters, lionfish, and seahorses as well as many more aquatic creatures. Admire the eerie moray eels and check out the cool colors of the jellyfish in their electrifying exhibit. 




There is seemingly no end of fun activities thatll make your stay in the Atlantis Paradise Island truly memorable. See some of the best vacation rentals on the market on our Rent By Host site to make sure your stay is as comfortable as possible.

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