5 alternatives of VRBO to List Your Vacation Rental

Jul 30, 2021 5 alternatives of VRBO to List Your Vacation Rental - Rent By Host
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If you are a good player in the marketing of vacation homes then you can mint money from them. But not every homeowner opts for vacation home services, instead of that they choose the easy route rental platforms like VRBO. 

Though there is nothing wrong with VRBO, there is no secret: this rental platform is pretty crowded and comes with a significant price and you might not be getting the exposure or promotion your listing deserves. 

Though there is no denying, VRBO is doing great, however, their fees have been rising continuously, but it certainly isn’t the only game in vacation hometown. If you plan to do this long-term, they are certainly not the best option. There are ample options to find 5 alternatives of VRBO, it all depends upon the type of vacation home you are looking for. 

Sometimes, it may be difficult to compete with other properties that are in the same area but have been listed there for years, they have an excellent reputation and take the majority of customers. Starting from zero on VRBO can be tough. 

Investing a little more time and effort to find out the alternatives to popular vacation rental platforms can help you find more reliable renters as well as save your money in the long run. To assist you to sift through the options, we have tested thousands of vacation rental sites so that we can assist you to understand which site offers the best combination of plentiful inventory, informative listings, use filters, and fair prices, without any hidden fees. As different people have different thoughts and needs, similarly, each site has pros and cons to suit different types of travelers. So, here we are going to share the 5 alternatives of VRBO that you must consider once.  

5 Ways to Avoid VRBO Service Fees!

There are plenty of things that can help out you to avoid VRBO Service Fees without avoiding the basic and important amenities of vacation rental accommodations. Here we are sharing 5 Ways to Avoid VRBO Service Fees, by following these below points, you will be able to search the best 5 alternatives of VRBO,  so what are you waiting for just a cup of tea, and read out each point and follow them in your search. Have a quick look 

  • Google Image Search - Check out the different sites of vacation rental and choose that is perfect for your vacation.  

  • Facebook Search - Try to collect as maximum information as possible from Facebook, Instagram ads. 

  • Google Search - Do collect the necessary information from ads that include the owner's name, name of the property, location (town, city), and location and enter it in a Google search.

  • Ask Friends - Have a conversation with folks who love traveling and go for vacations. Take advantage of that conversation from your coworkers, friends, and relatives and make a list of their recommended list for rental houses.

  • Niche Websites - Search the Internet for small, niche websites for vacation rentals. Most small sites allow you to communicate directly with owners and do not have Service Fees.?

5 alternatives of VRBO 


Airbnb is one of the most trustable communities based on connection and belonging for people to list, discover, and book unique accommodations around the world. A community that was founded in 2008. Started from two hosts to 4 million hosts Airbnb is growing day by day, and from three guest posts to over 800 million guest arrivals to about 100,000 cities in almost every country and region across the globe, Airbnb is becoming the leading industry. Airbnb is one of the fastest-growing as well as most popular individual vacation rental websites in the world, with an estimated 88 to 120 Million travelers visiting the site every month. With the most direct traffic, it has become the best brand recognition out of the group listed here. 


Travel accommodations

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Tripadvisor has become the world's largest travel platform, and it has made their name in the list of 5 alternatives of VRBO, that helps millions of travelers every month to make their trips better, from planning to booking. Tripadvisor sites and applications are being used by millions of travelers across the globe to discover the best accommodations, restaurants, experiences, airlines, and cruises. Travelers can check the reviews and feedback of previous clients and can find out where to stay, where to eat, and what to do. With approximately 887 million feedback from around an 8.6million businesses, travelers turn to Tripadvisor to find deals on accommodations, reserve tables at delicious restaurants, book experiences and discover great places nearby. As a travel guide company available in 49 markets and 28 languages, Tripadvisor makes planning easy no matter the trip type. 


Booking.com is one of the finest options out of 5 alternatives of VRBO, as millions of properties are listed on the booking.com site and more than 6.3 million room nights are booked daily. Booking.com is not limited to provides traditional hotel rooms, but the site actually accepts guest houses, homes, and apartments, too. Millions of visitors are loving this website which makes it a growing website day by day. Booking.com guarantees to offer you the best available rates. And with our promise to price match, you can rest assured that you’re always getting a great deal. At Booking.com, you will get every reservation confirmed instantly. When you find your perfect stay, a few clicks are all it takes. They don’t add any administrative charges and don't charge any booking fees. Moreover, you can cancel your booking without any extra charges. They facilitate thousands of transactions every day through their secure platform and work to the highest standards to guarantee their client privacy.  

Rent By Host

A single trip has the power to recharge your batteries, re-epithelialize your wounds, revitalize and energize you. At find home away, you don't have to pay for booking vacation rentals, as travelers can book their accommodations without paying any booking fee on the bookings, and property owners can also allow the travelers directly and can collect the money without sharing any booking fee. RentByHost has made its name in the list of 5 alternatives of VRBO, just because of their facilitated well furnished, and featured villas, apartments, rooms, along with all general amenities at a cost-effective price. They provide their customer services Round-the-clock. Being a growing and trustworthy industry they neither ask for booking fees nor service fees. 

Find world vacation rentals

Find world vacation rentals have multiple modes for communication with their clients. So, you don't have to go to a third party to book your vacation rental apartment. The thing about Findworldvacationrentals, they offer vacation rental services without asking for any booking fee. As their staff connects to their clients with homeowners so that they can get their vacation rental villas booked without any interference of any third party. Along with that, they create multiple deals for their potential clients so that their customers can enjoy a vacation in the best possible way, without crossing their client budget limit. For the comfortable stay of tourists, they have a list of condos, villas, apartments, cabins, and chalets that have beautiful window locations.  

Your traveling experience could be good to great if you choose eye catchy, well-furnished, and fully facilitated place to stay. Undoubtedly, vacations can be quite expensive especially if you choose any vacation rental website, who charges too much for their basic amenities and we completely know how much you work hard to earn money. So, we will recommend you to check out the site thoroughly and make a list of sites that may suites your budget, however, we tried the same to do so. To make sure you are charging a genuine price for genuine amenities, just ask the hired vacation rental service provider what they charge for what service. There is no doubt, you may be paying up to thousands in an additional amount, especially when you book a site with the help of a third party. But to get the genuine rate list of amenities, you can book villas, apartments direct with the property manager or by using a reputed website that takes you straight to the property manager will save your additional service fees. 

So, here we have shared the list of 5 alternatives of VRBO, that you must consider while going for a vacation. Don't forget to check out these vacation rental websites before making a trip. And don't forget to share your thoughts and experience from their accommodation. Feel free to tell any other websites that are alternate to VRBO that you would recommend to us or our users. Drop your thoughts in the comments section below, or visit our social media feeds and let us know!

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